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It is always wonderful to get updates on our rescued dogs in their new homes.  Sometimes these updates come in after years of pet ownership, but it is always wonderful to hear how the pets and people are doing.  I hope you enjoy some of these stories and updates.
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Lexi the Great Dane was a very special girl to our rescue group, as she was the first Great Dane we adopted out.  She went home on 10/17/2002 with the Lococo's, who loved her very, very much.  This beautiful "senior" picture of Lexi was taken the week of her 5th "anniversary" of being home with her loving family.  She was doing so well and so happy, and playful.  It was only days after this picture was taken that Lexi bloated and passed away before the veterinarian could save her.  Her family suffers a huge loss, and she was so loved and happy. 

The Lococo's

After losing and grieving over my 2 boxers that I raised from pups to about 12 years old...I started putting thought into adopting a rescue dog for the first time. I would occasionally browse the pics and still wasn't ready yet. One day though I came across a picture that had been posted of a dog that had just been surrendered from its owner...a boxer named Titus. I went to meet him at the kennel ...he was boarding at before he left for the cell dog program. As I walked through the gate he jumped on me, left a big muddy pawprint on my shirt and a wet sloppy kiss on my face. Love at first sight. He came straight home with me after completing the cell dog program. I am so thankful for this organization.... I cannot imagine if this boy had not came into my life. He is such an amazing dog and has adapted perfectly and settled in unbelievably. I highly recommend! Thank you to PRO for accepting him, the owners who had to surrender him and for doing so to PRO, and to the inmate who spent the time training and working with Titus.

I adopted my sweet Lucy from PRO..I was just gonna foster her and within an hour of being home I knew she had found her forever home!! We absolutely adore her!!! Thanks PRO

Grateful for the work these volunteers do for the dogs and then for those who receive these loving dogs into their forever homes.

I think the world of PRO and the Volunteers! !! 
PRO and all the Volunteers are dear to my heart!
 5 Star Organization! !!!!!!!

I am so grateful to for my little Pippa who came from your rescue. You all are angels for the work you do....thank you!!