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Jade is a special needs min pin mix girl, 5-6 years old, weighing 7-8 lbs, and housebroken. She has crippled legs and needs carried inside and outside. She loves to lay in the sun on the deck when the weather permits and go in a stroller for a ride. Jade gets along with other dogs, is happy lying beside you and loves to sleep covered up. She is up-to-date on vaccines, micro chipped and takes pain management medicine probably for the rest of her life. Her adoption donation is $150.
Cyrus is an American Eskimo neutered boy about 6 years old. Because of his former hard life of living in a cage outside, he was neglected and has suffered some effects from it.Of course neglected dogs are so grateful to live with you in the house and show their appreciation by being affectionate and playful as he is. Cyrus needs soft food since most all of his teeth needed pulled. His coat is on the path of recovering because he was flea infested when we got him. He is a joy to have in your home and plays well with all. He is up-to-date on vaccines and microchipped. Cyrus has experienced a few seizures since we rescued him, but hopefully with the proper environment, care and medication, he should live a normal life. This sweet boy's adoption donation is $250.
*Adoption donations are non-refundable
In the adoption process of one of our dogs; you agree to the following:  
Agree to provide all appropriate vaccinations for said dog, and provide veterinary care in a timely manner when required. This is to include heartworm testing and administration of heartworm preventative. 
Agree to keep a properly fitted collar on said dog at all times and to keep legible current county/state license tags, my own contact ID tags (at which time, PRO’s can be removed) affixed to the collar. PRO also recommends getting your new dog micro-chipped if not already.
Agree not to abuse or neglect this dog or allow anyone else to abuse or neglect this dog.
Agree to keep this dog as in indoor companion, to provide a fenced yard or exercise area, and ample food and clean water.
Agree to obey all applicable leash laws and to always leash this dog when not in a fenced area or indoors.
Agree not use this dog for fighting, guard duty, or animal research.
Agree to assume all responsibility for this dog’s actions and any damage caused by this dog to persons or property, and to release PRO and its agents from any liability concerning this dog or its actions.
Agree to never to chain or tether this dog in any location without supervision.
Agree to allow PRO or its agents to examine this dog and its living conditions for suitability at any time, with or without prior notification, and will provide, upon request, proof of health care.
Understand that my acceptance of this dog is on an “as is” basis. No guarantees of any kind exist. It is my understanding that every possible precaution has been taken and disclosed to ensure that this dog is healthy and suitable as a household pet. Any condition of health, temperament, or physical condition that is not known by PRO is not the responsibility of PRO. I hold PRO harmless of any liability incurred as a result of the discovery of any conditions as mentioned above.
Understand that the adoption of this dog from PRO depends on the honesty of the answers on this contract, the answers on the application I previously completed, the promise to maintain my dog’s health and well being and the promise to welcome this do into my life and home as a member of my family.
Understand and agree that if I must relinquish ownership of said dog for ANY reason, I will relinquish that ownership only to PRO and I will provide transportation to return the dog to PRO’s nearest volunteer.
We do not “sell” our rescue dogs; however, we do charge an adoption fee to cover veterinary and other expenses incurred by PRO on behalf of all our rescued dogs. Donations, in addition to the adoption fee are always welcomed and greatly appreciated. The adoption fee in non-refundable unless otherwise decided upon by PRO Board Members.
By signing our adoption contract, you hereby acknowledge that you have read its entirety, understand its content, agree to uphold the contract, limitations, and restriction, and you will receive a copy in full for your records.
*Adoption fee is non-refundable.

Horace is a sweet 12 year old miniature poodle who found himself at the shelter. He is a very active boy still and loves to go for walks and play. He is very good with other dogs. He has lost a few teeth with a recent dental and doesn't hear very well and my be deaf. He is neutered, heartworm tested negative, up-to-date on vaccines and microchipped. His adoption donation is $150.  

Mia is a 3 year old spayed female German short haired pointer mix weighing about 40 lbs. She takes some time to warm up but once she trusts you she is a sweet, loyal girl. Mia is being fostered with small and large dogs and loves to play. Mia is spayed, up-to-date on her vaccines and heartworm test. She has graduated from the prison program and her adoption donation is $200.

Meet Skittles a 10 yr old Chihuahua mix. Skittles is a special gal that will need a special home that is equipped to deal with a senior. She is a sweet girl that loves to shower her human friends with kisses. She enjoys back scratches, cuddling, treats, and walks. She does well with dogs and cats. She will need to be crated when left alone for long periods of time. She is housebroken but needs to go out fairly frequently as she can not hold it as well as she used to with her age. She also has episodes of stumbling but recovers quickly after being held for a minute or so. She is also very hard of hearing but not completely deaf currently. If you are looking for an easy-going gal she's your girl! Her adoption fee is $100.

Wilma is a very loving 4 year old chihuahua who is a little shy at first. She warms up in a day or two, is happy and playful and likes to play with her toys.  She also likes to play with other dogs. She has been trained in prison and is now in a foster home. Wilma has a lot of personality and tends to bond with one person quickly. She weighs about 10-11 lbs and is on a diet. She is spayed, vaccinated and heart worm negative. Her adoption donation is $200.

Charlie is a 7 pounder Chihuahua mix, neutered boy ready for a new home. He came from living in a cage for long periods of time and has now been in our cell dog program being socialized and trained. He has been neutered, vaccinated, heart worm tested, had a dental and microchipped. We think he is about 5 years old and very sweet. He is coming out of his shyness, likes to be carried and cuddle with you. He is beginning to play a little with other dogs and likes to go outside. His adoption donation is $250.

Meet Einstein a 3yr old Chinese Crested. He was picked up as a stray and brought in to a local shelter where we stepped in and brought him to our program. This boy is absolutely amazing and would do well in any home setting. He loves to play with dogs big and small. He does well with cats too. He hasn't met a stranger and does well with kids. He is crate trained and working on housebreaking. He loves to go for walks, play with toys, and really loves cuddling. He is UTD on vaccines, microchipped, had a dental, and is neutered. His adoption fee is $300. 

Gavin may be a giant schnauzer or mix. He is about 4 years old and currently in our cell dog program learning manners and commands. He weighs about 92 lbs and needs a dog savvy owner. Gavin is neutered, vaccinated, heart worm tested and microchipped. He is described as high energy, stubborn and playful. He has not exhibited any signs of aggression. His adoption donation is $300

Timmy is a 4 year old maltese learning commands and being socialized in the cell dog program.  He is doing well in our program and described as loving, doesn’t bark much unless the other dogs bark, likes other dogs and likes to be petted. Timmy loves to be with people and picked up and held.  He is somewhat of a picky eater.  He is neutered, vaccinated, and heart worm tested. His adoption donation is $250

Augie is a 6 year old beagle found in a shelter and was everyone's favorite there. He is Mr. Personality and hasn't met a stranger. He completed our cell dog training program being housebroken and learning some commands. He is in a foster home, microchipped, neutered, heart worm tested and received his vaccines. Augie rides great in the car and is a calm boy. He is good with children and other dogs but we don't know about cats. His adoption fee is $200.

"It takes a long time for a soul to get this sweet...."
Yuri and Tamiko
Happily ever after ...Happily ever after...Happily ever after...Happily ever after...Happily 
Ivy is a 1-2 year old spayed female who we believe may be part Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Retriever. She is energetic and loves to play and go for walks.  Ivy is in our prison training program learning her commands.  Although she is an active girl, she enjoys belly rubs and napping on you your lap. Ivy gets along well with other dogs and likes to chase cats (but does not hurt them). Ivy is up-to-date on vaccines, heart worm tested and is microchipped. She does fine with other dogs. Her adoption donation is $250.

Titan is a 3 year old Chihuahua who needs a very special home. We don’t know what has happened in the past to this little guy, but he is very afraid of new people. He was in our prison program and was petrified so we moved him to a foster home and he is doing so much better. Titan has warmed up to foster mom and dad and sits on their lap and gets belly rubs. Whoever adopts him, will need to be understanding that it takes him a little time to trust you. He is neutered and current on vaccines and heartworm tested. His adoption donation is $150.
Carmel & Seamus
Ann is a senior chihuahua just over 10 years old. She is friendly, loving and housebroken. Anna is low mainenance and perfect for a senior. She gets along with other dogs and does not need crated. Anna is a very sweet girl. Her adoption donation is $150.
Autumn is a 5 year old American Eskimo spayed female looking for a new life. She has lived with Crystal outside for some time but is now an inside dog and loving it. She has had a dental, vaccines and heartworm test. She gets along with other dogs but doesn't play with toys. Autumn has been in our cell dog training program but we focused on her overcoming her shyness. She may need to be on seizure medicine. Her adoption donation is $250.
Allie is a puppymill girl about 5 years old. She loves other dogs and needs to live with them and not alone. She does have accidents. She does not desire human contact yet. She may take some time to get comfortable being on your lap. Allie needs a home that understands what damage has been done to her from living in a cage. She is not aggressive but just afraid.  She is vaccinated and looking for a home. Her adoption donation is $150.
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown is a 9 month old Papillon found in a shelter and weighing about 10 lbs. He is learning commands in the cell dog program. He is still very much a puppy and easily distracted during his training sessions. He enjoys playing with other dogs. He is neutered, vaccinated, heart worm tested and microchipped. His adoption donation is $300

Crystal lived outside with Autumn but is now an inside companion. She is about 8 years old and an American Eskimo. She is housebroken and would like a quiet home. She is spayed, heart worm tested, microchipped and vaccinated. Crystal gets along with other dogs but doesn't play with other dogs. Her adoption donation is $200.

Sam Adams
Sam Adams is a 9 year old brindle very cute pug. He is very loving lap dog and walks nice on a leash. He is house trained but marks so needs a belly band handy. Sam has some allergies and needs to follow a strict Kangaroo diet with the brand Zignature only or Iams kangaroo prescription. He has some over the counter meds and shampoo. He can have some veggies and fruit for treats. Sam is an anxious pug from previous abuse and needs a quiet home with no children. He gets along with other calm dogs. His adoption donation is $150
Carson is a 7-8 year old terrier mix who ended up in the shelter. He has been in our cell dog program learning commands and is now in a foster home. Carson has tons of personality and is a love bug. He doesn't really like big dogs but is fine with ones his size or smaller. He is very friendly and should be great with everyone he meets.  He is neutered, vaccinated, heart worm tested and micro chipped. Carson can be yours for a adoption donation of $200

Spencer is a sweet 4 year old lab and doing well in the cell dog program. He weighs about 66 lbs and seems like a calmer boy. He was found in a shelter and looking for a new home. He is neutered, vaccinated, heart worm tested and microchipped. His adoption donation is $200
Yogi is a 5 year old border collie mix currently in the cell dog program. He is a calm boy and weighs about 46 lbs. He is neutered, vaccinated, heart worm tested and microchipped. He would be a great addition to any home. His adoption donation is $200
Vegas is a Pembroke Welsch Corgi and Bassett mix, about 2-3 years old found in the shelter. His adoption donation is $250
                     Brie Adopted!
                                     Meet Brie a 5 yr old Maltese mix. She was 
rescued along with 
several other dogs 
from a hoarding 
                    situation. She was
       matted head to toe in 
her own feces & covered 
in fleas when we stepped 
in to take her. She was kept in a cage and had
 little human contact. She has really blossomed in her foster home but is looking for a forever home that is patient and willing to give her time to adjust and learn how to be a dog. She does well with dogs of her size but does take time to warm up. She'd do best in an adult only home or with older children as she will nip when scared. She will probably always be a little backwards but is learning to trust humans agin. She is crate trained and doing well on housebreaking. She will also use a potty pad. If interested in giving this girl a second chance fill out an adoption app! Her adoption fee is $250.
Yoda and Vader 
Yoda and Vader are a bonded pair of pug boys that need to be adopted together. Vader is 11yrs young and is the black pug boy. He acts like he is 5 and is very sweet and loving. Yoda is the 12yr old fawn pug boy and is blind and deaf. Yoda has adjusted very well to his foster home and learned his way around in just 2 days. He loves to be outside when it's cool enough and goes up and down the stairs just fine. Both boys are neutered, up to date on their shots and HW negative. The adoption fee is $200. 
Nellie and Martha
Nellie and Martha are a bonded pair of sisters that need to be adopted together. Nellie is 7yrs old and weighs 18 pounds. Martha is 8yrs old and weighs 16 pounds. Both girls are very sweet, Nellie being a little more social. When they get excited they twirl in circles and bark happily for attention. They love people and are fine with other dogs. Both girls are spayed, up to date on their shots and HW negative. The adoption fee is $400. 
Max is a 4-5 year old dachshund neutered boy who was living with Lars. He weighs about 13 lbs and is a very sweet boy. He was not around children in his previous home and can be a little nervous in new environments. He does like other dogs and cats. Max has been vaccinated, heartworm tested, microchipped and had a dental. His adoption donation is $250.
Lars is an 8 year old neutered boy living with Max. He weights about 27 lbs and is described as a little shy and nervous of new things. He gets along with other dogs and cats according to the previous owner. Lars has not been around children. He has been vaccinated, heartworm tested, microchipped, and had a dental. His adoption donation is $250.
Max and Lars
Leo is a 13 lb silky terrier neutered boy looking for a special home. He is 7-8 years old and needs a home without small children. He gets along with other dogs and loves to play with ones his size. He has been known to bite if someone tries to take a toy or treat away from him. If you set the tone that you are the boss and correct him if he exhibits bad behavior, he will listen to you and be a good dog. He sleeps in his kennel at night with the door open. Leo has been vaccinated, heartworm tested and is ready to go home. His adoption donation is $200.