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*Adoption donations are non-refundable
In the adoption process of one of our dogs; you agree to the following:  
Agree to provide all appropriate vaccinations for said dog, and provide veterinary care in a timely manner when required. This is to include heartworm testing and administration of heartworm preventative. 
Agree to keep a properly fitted collar on said dog at all times and to keep legible current county/state license tags, my own contact ID tags (at which time, PRO’s can be removed) affixed to the collar. PRO also recommends getting your new dog micro-chipped if not already.
Agree not to abuse or neglect this dog or allow anyone else to abuse or neglect this dog.
Agree to keep this dog as in indoor companion, to provide a fenced yard or exercise area, and ample food and clean water.
Agree to obey all applicable leash laws and to always leash this dog when not in a fenced area or indoors.
Agree not use this dog for fighting, guard duty, or animal research.
Agree to assume all responsibility for this dog’s actions and any damage caused by this dog to persons or property, and to release PRO and its agents from any liability concerning this dog or its actions.
Agree to never to chain or tether this dog in any location without supervision.
Agree to allow PRO or its agents to examine this dog and its living conditions for suitability at any time, with or without prior notification, and will provide, upon request, proof of health care.
Understand that my acceptance of this dog is on an “as is” basis. No guarantees of any kind exist. It is my understanding that every possible precaution has been taken and disclosed to ensure that this dog is healthy and suitable as a household pet. Any condition of health, temperament, or physical condition that is not known by PRO is not the responsibility of PRO. I hold PRO harmless of any liability incurred as a result of the discovery of any conditions as mentioned above.
Understand that the adoption of this dog from PRO depends on the honesty of the answers on this contract, the answers on the application I previously completed, the promise to maintain my dog’s health and well being and the promise to welcome this do into my life and home as a member of my family.
Understand and agree that if I must relinquish ownership of said dog for ANY reason, I will relinquish that ownership only to PRO and I will provide transportation to return the dog to PRO’s nearest volunteer.
We do not “sell” our rescue dogs; however, we do charge an adoption fee to cover veterinary and other expenses incurred by PRO on behalf of all our rescued dogs. Donations, in addition to the adoption fee are always welcomed and greatly appreciated. The adoption fee in non-refundable unless otherwise decided upon by PRO Board Members.
By signing our adoption contract, you hereby acknowledge that you have read its entirety, understand its content, agree to uphold the contract, limitations, and restriction, and you will receive a copy in full for your records.
*Adoption fee is non-refundable.

Yuri and Tamiko
Happily ever after ...Happily ever after...Happily ever after...Happily ever after...Happily 
Carmel & Seamus

She would like a quiet home. Crystal weights 16-17 lbs and is smaller than she looks in the picture. She is spayed, heart worm tested, microchipped and vaccinated. Crystal gets along with other dogs but doesn't play with other dogs. Her adoption donation is $200.

Scooter is a 2 year old Italian greyhound mix. He was taken from a hoarding situation and is recovered from his neglect. He weighs about 6-7 lbs and is neutered. He he a curious and playful little guy. Scooter gets along with other dogs and likes his belly rubbed. We also would recommend no small children due to his past and lack of experience with them. He is crated while foster parents are gone as he will chew if left out. Scooter will have an accident if left more than 7 hours. He is vaccinated, heart worm tested, and microchipped.  Scooter's adoption donation is is $250.
Timmy is a 7yr old boy who is being fostered in Columbus. Timmy has been fine with the other dog and cat in the house. He would be fine with kids over 12yrs old as he tends to not enjoy being messed with. Timmy loves his person but needs someone that will put boundaries on him. He is neutered, up to date on vaccines, microchipped and heartworm negative. His adoption donation is $250
Ellie May 
Ellie May is a 2 year old female who came in with the Chinese Crested group of dogs from the hoarding home. She must live in a home with other dogs.  She may be a terrier mix and has been vaccinated, spayed, heart worm tested and micro chipped. She bonds with her owner and is a little timid of new people but when introduced properly, warms up. Ellie May loves to go for walks and runs really fast. We don't know how she is with children but may be fine if given time to warm 
Hey everyone! My name is Addie and I am a 15 year old long hair dachshund. Now before you judge me being TOO old, let me tell you that I am quite spry for my age! I love my toys and like to play games with my foster mom! She chases me up and down the hall and I run like a kid!! After a bit, I am ready for a nap, but who wouldn't be???  
I am a bit independent..typical dachshund for sure! Although I am always a step or two behind my foster mom, I am happy to curl up on my doggie bed with my foster sister, Inez and take a nap. I didn't like being crated at first, but now it is not too hateful. I am pretty much housebroken, although at my age, every now and then I will have a bit of an accident ):  

Reece is a female Boston Terrier mix weighing 13 lbs. She is 2-3 years old and spayed.   She gets along with other dogs but we recommend her as an only dog or with bigger dogs.  She has had a couple run-ins with smaller dog recently.  She is very loving after she bonds with you but takes a minute and a treat for her to warm up. She has been spayed, vaccinated, heart worm tested and micro chipped. Her adoption fee is $200.
Pierce is a 64 lb large, neutered mixed breed boy looking for a new home. He was found in a shelter in TN and was scheduled to be put down. His now foster Dad took on the mission to save him and find a new home. Unfortunately he came to us with heartworms and is currently being treated. He is a brindle mix and the vet thought he had some American Bulldog in him. Pierce is gentle & playful, thinks he is a lap dog, house trained and always wagging his tail! He is a loving 6-7 year old boy and deserves a second chance. He is current on vaccines and microchipped. His adoption fee will be $250 when he has finished treatment for the worms.

Puggo is a 3-4 year old, black, male, neutered pug who is potty and crate trained. Puggo is a funny little man who is full of energy and loves everyone. He gets along great with other furry friends and loves kids. When he has the energy, he loves to spin in circles and run around in the yard. Otherwise, he’s content curling up behind your legs. He has been vaccinated, heart worm tested, and microchipped. His adoption fee is $300.
Crystal lived outside but is now an inside companion. She is about 8 years old and an American Eskimo.
Batman is a 5.5 lb blue chihuahua found in a shelter and thought to be about 3 years old. He is a little character and is working on the housebreaking lessons. He gets along with other dogs and is very people friendly. "Batty" is a toy thief. He will watch patiently until a dog loses interested in the toy, then he zooms over and grabs it for his bed where he stashes his collection. He has been vaccinated, heart worm tested, neutered, dental given and micro chipped. His adoption donation is $250. 
up to them. She is vaccinated, spayed, heart worm tested and microchipped. Her adoption fee is $250.
Libby - Adopted!
Libby is a 2-3 year old female weighing 25 lbs. Once a member of a large collection of mostly Chinese Crested Mixes, Libby came to PRO as a foster with a secret. She was hiding seven newly conceived puppies inside her! While her belly slowly grew larger, Libby began to be more trusting in her foster home.  We have recently been able to pet her without her running in fear. She is gentle and appreciates attention when on a leash. She is playful with dogs large and small. Libby's perfect home would be a quiet one with patient people, friendly dog(s) and a securely fenced yard. She was a great mom to the puppies who have all been adopted. Now it is her turn at a new life. She has now been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and is heartworm negative. Libby's adoption donation is $250.
is a 2 year old, 35 lb  mix and is a very active boy found in a shelter. He requires mental and physical exercise so he doesn’t get bored. After exercise he is calm, relaxed and cuddly.Reno loves to learn new things and is eager to please. He already knows the basic commands but also has learned many more including fetch, bang, roll, crawl, and kennel. Reno likes other dogs but plays a little rough. He may be best in a home with no small children because of his rough play. He is described as a great companion and a pleasure to be around. He is neutered, heart worm tested, vaccinated and microchipped. His adoption donation is $250.
Patches - Adoption Pending!
Patches is a 4 year old Italian Greyhound spayed female. She weighs about 17 lbs and came to rescue after her owner passed away. She is in the prison training program learning some basic commands. She was living with Michi in her previous home. She just arrived when this was written so we don’t know too much about her except she is sweet. She is heart worm tested, vaccinated and microchipped and her adoption donation is $250.
Michi - Adoption Pending!
Michi is a 4 year old Italian Greyhound spayed female who was living with Patches until their owner died. She weighs about 16 lbs and likes to sit on your lap. She is a little shy when first meeting people and is in the prison training program. She just arrived so we will update when we know more. She is heart worm tested, vaccinated and micro chipped and her adoption donation is $250.
Gretta - Adoption Pending!
Gretta is 2 years old and is a sweet Shih Tzu/Brussels Griffon mix with a brindled and white coat weighing about 8 lbs. This girl does great on a leash and is house trained. She LOVES to curl up with her person and while she does ok in a crate, she prefers to sleep with you in bed. Gretta is wary of strangers at first so introductions need to be a little slow. She gets along well with other dogs her size or slightly larger but not large dogs. She does tend to be the alpha so she wouldn't do very well with another dominant dog. She ignores cats. Her coat is more like a Brussels Griffon so it will not need more than an occasional bath. She is spayed, heart worm tested, vaccinated and micro chipped. Her adoption donation is $250.
​I am looking for that perfect home to live out my remaining golden years. I promise to keep you company and give you tons of unconditional love!! Let me know if you would like to meet me...I can make myself available...Thanks for reading my story and hope to meet you soon!  P.S. My adoption fee is $150

Asher is a 9 month old Pug/Boston Terrier Mix. He is fully vaccinated, neutered and current on HW/Flea & Tick preventatives. Being a puppy he has a ton of energy !! He loves to run, play and do all things high energy. He is also a fantastic snuggler when he’s done with playing! He loves every person he meets. He doesn’t know a stranger. Asher does suffer from both food and environmental allergies. Due to this he has to be fed a high quality, grain-free diet and limited time outside when allergens are high. You may be able to discuss allergy medications with your vet! He does GREAT with dogs his size. He loves playing with and having a friend. He does ok with dogs larger than him too, it just takes time for him to warm up and be comfortable with them. He is not a fan of cats! Due to him still being a puppy and needing to learn some manners, we are recommending a home with kids over the age of 13. If you are interested in adopting Asher please complete an application on our website. His adoption fee is $250.
Dory is a sweet 7yr old girl that came from an Amish puppy mill. Her new people will need to understand that Dory needs a lot of patience and understanding. She wants so badly to trust people and will sniff your fingers and take a treat from you. Dory is working on her housebreaking and does great if you let her out every few hours. She’s fine with other dogs and would greatly benefit with having a doggie playmate. Prior puppy mill experience would be great. Children make her very nervous so we are asking no children living in the home. Visits are fine. Dory is spayed, had a dental, current on vaccines, microchipped and on heartworm meds. Her adoption fee is $250