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*Adoption donations are non-refundable
In the adoption process of one of our dogs; you agree to the following:  
Agree to provide all appropriate vaccinations for said dog, and provide veterinary care in a timely manner when required. This is to include heartworm testing and administration of heartworm preventative. 
Agree to keep a properly fitted collar on said dog at all times and to keep legible current county/state license tags, my own contact ID tags (at which time, PRO’s can be removed) affixed to the collar. PRO also recommends getting your new dog micro-chipped if not already.
Agree not to abuse or neglect this dog or allow anyone else to abuse or neglect this dog.
Agree to keep this dog as in indoor companion, to provide a fenced yard or exercise area, and ample food and clean water.
Agree to obey all applicable leash laws and to always leash this dog when not in a fenced area or indoors.
Agree not use this dog for fighting, guard duty, or animal research.
Agree to assume all responsibility for this dog’s actions and any damage caused by this dog to persons or property, and to release PRO and its agents from any liability concerning this dog or its actions.
Agree to never to chain or tether this dog in any location without supervision.
Agree to allow PRO or its agents to examine this dog and its living conditions for suitability at any time, with or without prior notification, and will provide, upon request, proof of health care.
Understand that my acceptance of this dog is on an “as is” basis. No guarantees of any kind exist. It is my understanding that every possible precaution has been taken and disclosed to ensure that this dog is healthy and suitable as a household pet. Any condition of health, temperament, or physical condition that is not known by PRO is not the responsibility of PRO. I hold PRO harmless of any liability incurred as a result of the discovery of any conditions as mentioned above.
Understand that the adoption of this dog from PRO depends on the honesty of the answers on this contract, the answers on the application I previously completed, the promise to maintain my dog’s health and well being and the promise to welcome this do into my life and home as a member of my family.
Understand and agree that if I must relinquish ownership of said dog for ANY reason, I will relinquish that ownership only to PRO and I will provide transportation to return the dog to PRO’s nearest volunteer.
We do not “sell” our rescue dogs; however, we do charge an adoption fee to cover veterinary and other expenses incurred by PRO on behalf of all our rescued dogs. Donations, in addition to the adoption fee are always welcomed and greatly appreciated. The adoption fee in non-refundable unless otherwise decided upon by PRO Board Members.
By signing our adoption contract, you hereby acknowledge that you have read its entirety, understand its content, agree to uphold the contract, limitations, and restriction, and you will receive a copy in full for your records.
*Adoption fee is non-refundable.

Yuri and Tamiko
Happily ever after ...Happily ever after...Happily ever after...Happily ever after...Happily 
Carmel & Seamus

​Oscar is a sweet, 8 year old boy who loves belly rubs and curling up next to his person for a nap. He only weighs about 13 lbs and has scruffy terrier hair. He loves playing with toys but has a hard time sharing with friends. He gets along with other dogs as long as food and toys are not involved. He is crate trained and knows some basic commands. He is neutered, vaccinated, heartworm tested and microchipped. His adoption fee is $300.

CHAP - Adopted!

CHAP is a 1.5 year old Brussels Griffon mix, who is really starting to come out of his shell in our prison training program! He’s still shy when he meets new people but knows his basic commands and is very sweet once he warms up to you! He’s an active guy, who is very playful and loves to go on walks! 

Chap weighs 30 lbs, is crate-trained, housebroken, neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and heartworm negative. His adoption fee is $300. 


Lovable little LINDY is a 6 ½ year old female terrier mix who loves to snuggle and be the center of attention. She is smart as a whip, listens exceptionally well and loves to please. She is dominant with the other female dog in the home and is a princess that demands all the cuddles and attention, so she will need to be the only dog or with a laid-back male dog that would help her relax when she gets anxious. She would do best in a quiet home with a family who will give her structure and continued socialization. Children make her nervous so a home without young children would be best. Lindy is doing great with the foster home cat.. She enjoys going for walks and does well on a leash but is perfectly content just sunbathing in her fenced in yard. 

LINDY does require liver medication and has some anxiety that most likely will not be an issue, when she finds a new home where she’ll be happy and relaxed. She is housebroken and will let you know when she needs to go potty and needs crated when left alone to avoid accidents. She is being crated at her foster home and is doing very well.

LINDY is spayed, current on vaccines, microchipped, and heartworm negative. Her adoption donation is $300.

NOMI is a special needs, female, 1 year old German Shepherd Dog! Nomi had a rough beginning before coming into the care of Purebred Rescue Organization - she and her three siblings were brought into a local shelter as puppies by the dog warden after being found in inhumane conditions. She now weighs a healthy 55lbs! 

Nomi does have some medical needs that will require lifelong care so that she remains comfortable and pain-free. She has been seeing a specialist at OSU regularly, to decide on the best plan of action for her left knee as there was unknown trauma when she came into the shelter. Her perfect home must have a strong relationship with their vet to monitor changes that might require intervention, as she may need surgery if there continues to be further damage to her knee/leg. She may also require advanced specialty care as she ages.

Nomi is currently on joint supplements daily and an NSAID for pain management as she does have a limp. She will need to stay at an ideal weight with quality food to avoid becoming overweight and further straining her knee and elbows.

She does have some anxiety that makes apartment living not ideal due to her crate anxiety and barking. Her crate anxiety is lessened while another dog is near; however if not crated, she is destructive and will chew on anything she can reach. Nomi is also reactive with other dogs, both over food and over high value things like raw bones, Kongs, etc, so she must be separate for other dogs when those are present.

Her adoptive home should have German Shepherd experience and will need to be committed to continue working on her training. She is an active, very intelligent puppy that will need to have an equally active home – ideally, she would have another dog in the home as she loves to play.

Her play style is very rough and tumble, and she currently lives with five other dogs. Nomi knows some basic commands, is very food-motivated, and loves benebones, sleeping under the bed, and swimming. She is a water dog through and through and would love to have an adopter that will let her swim and play in creeks.

Nomi does live with cats; however, she does chase them so would likely be best placed in a home without them. She has met a few children since being in her foster home, and their energy and activity level make her nervous, so she will not be placed in a home with small children. 

While it may seem that Nomi requires a lot of care, the affection and joy that she will bring to the right adopter’s home will make it all worth it in the long run! More detailed information will be able to be provided about her medical needs when speaking with interested/approved adopters. She is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, and heartworm negative. Her adoption donation is $300. 

SKYE is one of our 3 pug-dachshund sisters who is looking for a new home! She was undersocialized when she came to us, but is learning to trust people in our prison training program. She is also learning her basic obedience commands, and is housebroken and crate-trained as well. She's very sweet and just wants a home to call her own!

Skye is vaccinated, spayed, microchipped, and heartworm negative. Her adoption fee is $300.

BUDDY is a 2.5 year old yellow lab, who weighs about 75 lbs. He's very friendly and gets along great with other dogs (in fact, we prefer he has a dog friend in the home!). He can be a little anxious when meeting new people, but he listens to his commands well and can easily be redirected. He has been through professional training, where they worked on his comfort level in his crate, and he's starting to be okay with it. However, he's not destructive at all when left out of the crate, so it's not a necessity. He enjoys being brushed and will play with toys, but mostly just loves to run around the backyard with his dog friends!

He's house trained, neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and heartworm negative. His adoption fee is $300. 

He is a 2 year old yorkie with an alpha attitude. He learned his basic commands in the prison training program and is cage trained. Arlo doesn't really like bigger dogs and will try to go after them. He weighs about 7.5 lbs. His trainer said he needs his energy drained before he will mind you for doing his commands. He tries to be the boss but if you have a firm hand he will learn you are the boss. He plays with dogs his size or slighty larger. Since he is a door darter, we will require a fenced yard and no small children.  We also need for him to have another small dog to play with. He needs to burn off energy so he is calmer.

 He has been vaccinated, heart worm tested, microchipped and neutered. His adoption donation is $300.
FINKLE is a Heeler-Australian Shepherd mix, approximately 10 months old and weighing about 45 lbs. He is a very active pup who is smart as a whip! He’s already mastered his basic commands in our training program and is now in a foster home. He will need an owner committed to reinforcing his training, as well as getting him a proper amount of exercise. 

Since Finkle is still a puppy, and a working breed at that, he’s still a bit mouthy. As a result, we wouldn’t recommend him with kids under 10. He has not been cat tested but he’s great with other dogs. 

Finkle has been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and is heartworm negative. His adoption donation is $300.
REMY - ADOPTED! is a 7 year old neutered male who had a rough beginning in a dog hoarder home. He is now loving all the attention and love he is receiving. He is as sweet as can be.  Remy is very playful with people and other dogs and would do well in a home with a playmate. His house breaking is a work in progress, so adopter would need to continue to teach him to go outside.  We took Remy to the eye specialist because of cloudiness in one eye and it was confirmed he has dry eye common in buggy eyed dogs and will need to be on eye drops for life to prevent damage. As of now, there are no ulcers and it can be controlled with daily drops.

Remy has been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and is heartworm negative.  His adoption donation is $300.

She is a Dogo Argentino or mix and is about 4 years old.  Lila is great with people and weighs about 70 lbs. She has been in our prison training program and knows her commands.  Lila is good with kids and will best be adopted as the only dog in the home or with a large male dog.  We don't know how she is with cats.  She is vaccinated, microchipped, spayed, and heartworm tested.  Her adoption fee is $300.

This is another puppy mill mom who was surrendered to a vet's office. She is 8 years old and living a new life. We have given her a dental and she had 12 teeth extracted. Freyja has been out of the mill now over 3 months and is learning to trust people but is still afraid of new people and situations. She does like being around other dogs and will let you pick her up and hold her.  She uses wee wee pads but will need someone patient to keep teaching her how to be a dog and to potty outside.

She has been vaccinated, spayed, microchipped, and is heartworm negative. Her adoption donation is $300.


Katie is one of our 3 pug-dachshund sisters who is looking for a new home! She was undersocialized when she came to us, but is learning to trust people in our prison training program. She is also learning her basic obedience commands, and is housebroken and crate-trained as well. Katie is a bit dominant of other dogs, so she will need a tolerant housemate.

Katie is vaccinated, spayed, microchipped, and heartworm negative. She recently had her teeth cleaned and a few were extracted, but they look as good as new now! She does require a mixture of wet and dry food, but we are slowly transitioning her to dry food only. Her adoption fee is $300.

ZUMA is one of our 3 pug-dachshund sisters who is looking for a new home! She was undersocialized when she came to us, but is learning to trust people in our prison training program. She is also learning her basic obedience commands, and is housebroken and crate-trained as well. She loves playing with other dogs and cuddling, but she does need to lose a few pounds! We've had her on a diet and she's dropped a couple pounds already, but due to her elongated dachshund body, she'll need to drop some more weight to protect her back.

Zuma is vaccinated, spayed, microchipped, and heartworm negative. Her adoption fee is $300. She's also had her teeth recently checked and should not be due for a dental anytime soon.


This 5 year old maltese is a puppy mill survivor and is still learning how to be a pet.  She finds comfort in being around other dogs so we would love for her to be adopted with her friend, Anna, as a bonded pair. But if not then in a home with another dog friend.  She is in the process of being potty trained and uses wee wee pad and will go outside.  She is timid but friendly and will let you pick her up and hold her.  She has been vaccinated, spayed, heart worm tested and microchipped.  Her adoption donation is $300.

This is Anna who is a 2 year old maltese saved from the puppy mill life.  Anna was in the mill with Elsa and they are bonded so it would be nice if adopted together, but if not possible then we can separate them.  Anna can be a little bossy with other dogs.  She is also working on house breaking and uses wee wee pads and outside but will need time to improve.  She has been spayed, vaccinated, heart worm tested and microchipped.  Her adoption donation is $300.
BRODY - Adopted!

This shih tzu puppy is 5 months old and is so much fun and loving. He loves to play with other dogs and his foster Mother will require a fenced yard and another dog to play with him.  He is not crate trained yet but has been fenced off in an area with is sister, Delta, when left home.  His housebreaking is a work in progress and he goes outside through the doggie dog and will use wee wee pads.  He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.  His adoption donation is $350
BRUTUS - Adopted!
Meet Brutus, a 1 yr old Frenchie/pug boy who loves to play with other dogs and snuggle up to his humans. He quickly chose his favorite viewpoint on the back of the couch and loves to spend time laying there and on pillows! He is crate trained, potty trained with the exception of an occasional accident and is doing well learning his sit command.  

He needs a loving family who will take him on walks, play with him and keep up with his energy level and be willing to keep an eye on. He is a master escape artist if the door opens. He is great with new people, multiple dogs and children. Has not been around cats in our home.
Please note that Brutus MUST stay on his special food; probably the rest of his life. He has a genetic issue that causes a lot of “sludge” in his bladder and that can turn into stones. As long as he’s on this food he does fine. So this means absolutely no people food, no cat food or no other dog food. So for that reason, he will not be able to go to a home with small kids that drop food, a home with cats unless the food is kept up or anyone that free feeds their dog. You must be committed to either feeding him in a crate or another room if you have other dogs. Brutus is such a good, loving boy that these requirements aren’t that big of a deal. Brutus is neutered, up to date on vaccines and on HW prevention. His adoption fee is $300.

Zuma on the left when she came into the program. On the right is her after losing 2.5 lbs. She needs to lose a few more pounds.